Feb 16

Watercolour Clouds

College St, York

This is a photo I took last summer. It’s a lovely spot just to the side of York Minster, which is casting the rather large shadow across the bottom left third of the image. On this particular day, the clouds formed a really nice swirling pattern, creating a really interesting sky. It’s something that is particularly valuable to a photographer, as all too often the whiteness of clouds in the sky can cause the highlights to be blown out and really detract from the image.

I very nearly managed to snap this photo before the car arrived, but alas. It proceeded to annoy me by just sitting there for hours! Apparently the double yellow lines on this street don’t mean anything, as there’s always cars stopping here! Maybe I should try to learn about the content-aware feature in CS6…

More information can be found at this link (though my photo is better!):

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