Jul 06

Le Grand Departy

The hype started building a few weeks ago. Yellow bicycles appeared all over town. A new beer with a yellow label was brewed specifically for it in one of the local breweries. Shop windows were transformed with yellow posters. Yellow everywhere. Finally today came. Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France stage 2 was …

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Mar 13

They Don’t Make Music Like They Used To

The early 2000s were a very good time for me. I was at Uni, for one thing. The music from this time particularly stands out to me, a reminder of the experiences I had, especially the nights out, of which there were many. It was the heyday of Blink182, we had the rise of Muse …

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Mar 06

Can You Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Note: I first wrote this article way back in 2005 on an old version of this site. I often like to read for a while in bed before going to sleep. I’m not sure it’s really the best thing to do, after all to read properly you need to concentrate, and concentrating hard before bed …

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Feb 22

Guitar Spotlight

  An experimental photograph I took back in 2006, this one. I had a small blue LED torch I was using to “paint with light” in low light. I tried various things such as outlining a laptop and this guitar. In the end, the best photo I got was this one, where the torch was …

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Feb 17

Death Knight Transmogs


One of the two major features introduced late in the Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft was the ability to change the look of your character to match items you had previously acquired. It’s a feature that has been present in many MMOs since WoW launched, and finally in patch 4.3 Blizzard caught up to …

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Feb 16

Watercolour Clouds

This is a photo I took last summer. It’s a lovely spot just to the side of York Minster, which is casting the rather large shadow across the bottom left third of the image. On this particular day, the clouds formed a really nice swirling pattern, creating a really interesting sky. It’s something that is …

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Feb 10

Finding Your Voice

Dave Grohl at SXSW

There was a speech given by Dave Grohl last year, the keynote speech at SXSW graduation. In it, he talks about his early life, the start of the Nirvana days, and their initial fame. One part that really stuck with me from it was his urging of people to find their own voice – don’t …

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